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Singer Barry White is famous for writing many sexy songs. Used in a sentence: Joe hid his sexy magazines so his little brother wouldnt find them. The word sexy is also used to describe something that is exciting, glamorous, or flashy.
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Séduisant de par ses qualités esthétiques pour susciter l'' envie et le désir grâce à une mise en valeur des formes ou de la silhouette. Exemple: Sa robe de soirée est si sexy que tous les hommes qui ont croisé son chemin se sont retournés pour mieux la contempler. Synonyme: affriolant, érotique, séduisant, sensuel. Traduction en anglais: sexy.
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Topics for sexy. Modern and fashionable and up-to-date. Making you feel excited. Feeling sexual excitement or desire. Synonyms: interesting, original, exciting, fascinating, intriguing, gripping, newsworthy, spellbinding, thought-provoking. Antonyms: boring, dull, tedious, trivial, uninteresting, humdrum, uninspired, unexciting, dreary, mind-numbing. Synonyms: charming, elegant, lovable, engaging, personable, glamorous, pretty, telegenic, dashing.
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An example of sexy is lingerie. An example of sexy is a cool new car. An example of sexy is the feeling you get when you look at your spouse on your honeymoon in the bedroom for the first time.
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Similar words include compelling, engaging, and interesting. This sense of sexy is usually used in negative contexts when describing things that are specifically not sexy in this way, but not always. Cars are often described or advertised as sexy, for example.
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Sexy" Glee, a 2011 episode from the series'' second season. Sexy, Peru, a populated place in Peru. Sexy prime, a pair of prime numbers that differ by six. Search for sexy" on Wikipedia. All pages with titles beginning with sexy.
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Et les nombres entiers sont prétentieux, comme les chanteurs de jazz et les DJ - pas aussi sexy qu'ils' se l'imaginent' pas aussi sexy et mystérieux que les nombres premiers, qui restent mystérieux, même si en apparence, ils sont les plus nombreux.
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